The Swedish Research Council is the largest Swedish funding agency for basic research at Swedish universities, colleges and institutes. We allocate around SEK 6,4 billion annually for top basic research in Sweden.

The Council also functions as research policy advisor to the Government and works on the long-term expansion of knowledge within analysis, strategy and the monitoring of research and research funding.

In addition we set great store by research communication in order to increase awareness of research content and to improve communication between researchers and society in general.

Research funding

The Council allocates around 6,4 billion Swedish kronor (SEK) annually by way of grants for research, and is the largest state funding agency for basic research at Swedish universities, colleges and institutions. The Council provides support for research within research infrastructures, medicine, clinical therapy research, humanities and social science, natural and engineering sciences, development research, educational sciences and artistic research.

Research infrastructures

The Swedish Research Council works to enable Swedish researchers to gain access to infrastructure for research of the highest quality. Examples of research infrastructure are research facilities, facilities for register research, comprehensive data networks and resources for calculation which are used nationally or internationally by several research groups.

Analysis, Evaluation and Follow-up

Analyses, evaluations, and follow-ups form a solid foundation for our strategies and decisions on matters that concern Swedish research, research policy, and development of our organization. We also collaborate with other research funding bodies on these matters.

Research communication

Promoting and developing research communication is part of the Swedish Research Council´s activity. Research communication is needed so that knowledge generated by research can be of benefit to society.

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Updated: 2015-03-02