Analysis, Evaluation, and Follow-up

Analyses, evaluations, and follow-ups form a solid foundation for our strategies and decisions on matters that concern Swedish research, research policy, and development of our organization. We also collaborate with other research funding bodies on these matters.

Research policy and statistical analyses

The Swedish Research Council, as an official research funding body, advises the Swedish Government on research policy issues. We analyse questions that involve the financing of basic research, multidisciplinary research, and equality in the distribution of research funds.

We monitor developments in research policy generally, and continually develop statistics and methods in the field, e.g. through bibliometric studies and collaboration with Statistics Sweden (SCB).

Guidelines for using bibliometrics at the Swedish Research CouncilPDF

Evaluations of Swedish research and research education

We continually evaluate different areas of research and postgraduate education. International research groups often conduct these evaluations. The evaluations appraise the quality and organization of research in the universities and institutions of higher education that receive research funding from us. Some of the evaluations are conducted in collaboration with other research funding bodies.

The evaluations have several aims, e.g. to appraise research quality and to identify funding for different centres and research groups. The results form the foundation for our decisions on research grants and the orientation and distribution of future research grants.

Follow-up of Swedish Research Council activities

The distribution of research funding from the Swedish Research Council is closely monitored, e.g. categorized by gender, age, and research area.

A list of research policies and statistical analyses, evaluations and follow-ups by the Swedish Research Council is found under the section From us/Publications and reports (see link to the right).

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Updated: 2015-11-17