National Guidelines for Open Access to Scientific Information

Based on the work carried out by the European Union (EU) and the Commission's recommendations to Member States, the Swedish Government has commissioned the Swedish Research Council to develop national guidelines for open access to scientific information.

In 2014, the Swedish Research Council produced a proposal for guidelines for both scientific publications/artistic works and research data. The proposal, which also contains recommendations on what needs to be further investigated, was submitted to the Government 15 January 2015.

Download the Swedish Research Council's proposal for national guidelines for open access to scientific informationexternal link, opens in new window

The guidelines are produced in collaboration with the Swedish National Library and other relevant actors. The Swedish Research Council has received comments on the proposal at dialogue and informational meetings with various stakeholders and in fall 2014 a draft was published at an online forum at with the possibility to comment. The large number of comments that were put forward in the forum indicated a strong commitment to the issue and many of the views expressed were utilized in the final document.

Contact information

Lisbeth Söderqvist (Publications), tel: +46 (0) 8 546 44 211, e-mail:

Anna Wetterbom (Research Data), tel: +46 (0) 8 546 44 153, e-mail:


The EU Commission has previously taken a stance in favour of free accessibility to research findings and research data, i.e.: open access (see links to the right). This standpoint was further developed and defined in 2012 in a declaration/memoexternal link, opens in new window  and recommendationsexternal link, opens in new window  from the Commission.

In the declaration/memo, the Commission describes the principles for open access leading up to Horizon 2020.  The recommendations urge Member States to develop national guidelines based on these principles.

The general recommendations are to:

  • develop guidelines for open access,
  • develop a plan for implementing the guidelines, including the delegation of responsibilities,
  • define measurable goals to accompany the implementation,
  • develop a funding model to support the implementation.

National Point of Reference (NPR)

Every Member State will designate a National Point of Reference (NPR).  The main function of a country's NRP is to coordinate national efforts in implementing the EU Commission's recommendations on open accessexternal link, opens in new window, as well as to serve as the Commission's national contact person.

Sweden's NPR is Sofie Björling, Director of Department of Research Infrastructures, Swedish Research Council, e-mail:

Open access in Horizon 2020

One of the overriding principles of Horizon 2020, the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation in 2014-2020, is free access to research publications. 

A pilot project for open access to research data in selected subject areas has already been launched through Horizon 2020.

Guidelines for open access to research findings and research data within Horizon 2020external link, opens in new windowGuidelines for managing research data in Horizon 2020external link, opens in new window

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Updated: 2016-01-25