ISCF, International Stem Cell Forum

The Swedish Research Council is a member of the International Stem Cell Forum (ISCF), an association of research funding agencies committed to international collaboration and information exchange in stem cell research.

ISCF was formed in January 2003 and included nine organizations. Today, ISCF has grown to include 14 organizations from 13 countries, and more countries have formally expressed their interest in participating.

Members of ISCF

Finland Academy
Australian National Health and Medical Research Council
Canadian Institute for Health Research
German Research Foundation
INSERM (France)
Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (USA)
Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development
RIKEN (Japan)
Singapore Biomedical Research Council
UK Medical Research Council
US National Institutes of Health
Swiss National Science Foundation  

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Updated: 2013-11-29