Department of Communications and Public Relations

The Department of Communications and Public Relations is responsible for planning, coordinating, managing and developing the Swedish Research Council's communication about all of its activities. The department also coordinates the agency's mission in research communication through activities such as financing activities and cooperation projects, editorial work with the digital channels and the magazine Curie, which focus on issues of research results and conditions, as well as advice and participation in national and international networks in the field.

The Department of Communications and Public Relations manages several national digital services such as Expertsvar and SweCRIS, and provides support to the management and development of Prisma and different channels for special assignments. Visual communication, visual identity and the digital dissemination of publications are also included in the department's tasks.

Employees in the Strategic Communications Unit work with communications support for various departments within the organisation, press support, internal communications and science communication events.

Employees in the Digital Communications Unit work with the coordination, planning and monitoring of communication in digital channels, the development of digital communication, the editorial and technical management of channels and visual communication and design. The unit also edits and Curie magazine, and is responsible for the project management of multiple digital services (e.g. Expertsvar and SweCRIS).

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Updated: 2017-11-09