Ethical review of animal research

Research involving animal experiments must be approved by a committee addressing the ethics of animal testing. The Committee for Laboratory Animal Science, under the Scientific Council for Medicine, serves as a national policy-making body for the research community on issues involving research animals.

Since July 1, 2007 The Swedish Board of Agriculture is the central authority for animal welfare.

Committees Must Approve Research Involving Animal Experiments

Under the Swedish Board of Agriculture, seven regional Ethical Committees on Animal Experiments are responsible for approving all research involving animal experiments. Each committee includes 14 members, whereof the chair and vice chair are lawyers with court experience. Of the 12 remaining members, half are researchers, laboratory animal technicians, or laboratory animal staff and the other half are laypersons, some of whom are associated with animal welfare organisations. As a rule, the committee members are appointed for 4 years.

Applying for Ethical Evaluation of Animal Research

If you would like to apply for ethical evaluation of animal research, send your application to the committee in the region where most of the research will be conducted. (See the Swedish Board of Agriculture's website)

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Updated: 2014-09-13