News, 2015-02-13

Proposal for Swedish National Guidelines for Open Access to Scientific Information

On behalf of the government, the Swedish Research Council has developed a proposal for national guidelines for open access to scientific information. The proposal is based on the principle that, when resulting from publicly funded research, scientific publications and artistic works, as well as research data forming the basis for scientific publications must be openly accessible.

In the proposal we set out a vision for 2025, in which all scientific publications and artistic works that are a result of publicly funded research are published immediately with open access. When it comes to research data we propose the introduction of pilot funding calls in which open access publication of research data is required.

In both cases, proposals for an implementation timeframe are indicated together with recommendations for subjects of further investigation in order to make open access realisable.

Download the report Proposal for National Guidelines for Open Access to Scientific Information.external link, opens in new window

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Updated: 2015-04-15