Apply for grants, 2017-06-08

Calls for proposals within medicine and health, educational sciences and clinical therapy research

You can now apply for Research Environment grant in ageing and health,   Research Environment Grant – clinical therapy research and for two doctoral programmes within Educational Sciences.

The following calls are open:

  • Research Environment grant in ageing and health aims to create added value from collaboration in a larger group than a standard project. The objective of the special project within ageing and health is to support research in the development of individualised diagnostics, prevention and medication, and more efficient use of existing medications and the development of new treatments for elderly persons with illness. The applicant shall be a group a researchers working towards a joint research goal that in the longer term can contribute to better health, increased quality of life and healthy ageing, based on the prerequisites of the individual patient. Deadline for the call is 5 September 2017.
  • Research Environment Grant – clinical therapy research (step two) aims to lend support to large clinical studies that are justified by the needs of the healthcare sector, and thereby offer important benefits to patients and society within a relatively short time frame. The grant creates an added value through collaborative research in a larger research collaboration group, working towards a common long-term research objective. The Swedish Research Council supports basic research of the highest quality in national competition. Deadline for the call is 5 September 2017.
  • Doctoral programme grant Teacher educator. The call text is only available in Swedish. Deadline for the call is 29 August 2017.
  • Doctoral programme grant for teachers and preschool teachers. The call text is only available in Swedish. Deadline for the call is 29 August 2017.

How to apply

The call texts state the terms and conditions that apply for each grant and what should be included in the application.

You can find all calls here (in English)

Calls (in Swedish)

Please submit the application electronically through Prisma, our application system. Before applying, you must create a personal account in Prisma where your personal data will be stored. Please remember to create your personal account well in advance. Participating researchers must also create personal Prisma accounts, and confirm their involvement in the research project via the system before the application deadline.

How to apply via Prisma


If you have any questions, please contact the contact person(s) specified in each call text.

To the Swedish Research Council’s calls for proposals

Questions and answers about how to apply for grants from the Swedish Research Council

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Updated: 2017-06-12

* Abbreviations of areas

HS= Humanities and Social Sciences
AR= Artistic Research
MH= Medicine and Health
NE= Natural and Engineering Sciences
ES= Educational Sciences