Grant decision, 2017-11-20

Grant decision JPIAMR – Prevention and Intervention strategies to Control AMR infections

The Swedish Research Council has reached decisions regarding the fifth JPIAMR call: Prevention and Intervention strategies to Control AMR infections.

JPIAMR decided to fund ten transnational consortia. Seven of these include eight Swedish participants who will receive funding from the Swedish Research Council. The eight Swedish participants will receive a total of 18,9 million SEK during the period 2018-2012.

List of approved applications

List of Swedish grants JPIAMR: Prevention and Intervention strategies to Control AMR infectionsExcel

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The aim of the JPIAMR is to integrate relevant scientific fields across national borders and to create a common European research agenda with a shared common vision. The need for this initiative is obvious – bacteria and other infecting agents know no borders and therefore transnational cooperation is crucial. Joint actions are desperately needed and JPIAMR provides the forum and platform for initiating and coordinating these actions. The participating countries have been dedicated to the arranged activities, showing a great commitment to the success of the initiative. Together they have formed the first seed of a joint vision on how to combat antimicrobial resistance.


Kristian Haller, +46 (8) 546 12 307

Patriq Fagerstedt, +46 (8) 546 44 246

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Updated: 2017-11-20