News, 2017-03-08

Practical guide to provide increased gender equality within research

Science Europe has published the report Improving Gender Equality in Research Organisations, which provides practical advice on how to promote gender equality within research funding bodies and organisations carrying out research. The Swedish Research Council has participated in the work.

“Swedish government research funding bodies already do a lot within gender equality. I hope the guide can provide further support, inspiration and ideas for this work. The guide is also relevant for gender equality work at higher education institutions,” says Carl Jacobsson, Senior Adviser at the Swedish Research Council, who has been part of the team producing the report.

The report deals with three areas: how to avoid unconscious inequality in the evaluation process, how to follow up gender equality using various indicators, and how to improve the administration of research grants. Science Europe’s Working Group on Gender and Diversity ­– of which the Swedish Research Council is part – has produced the report.

Read the press release from Science EuropePDF

Read the report Practical Guide to Improving Gender Equality in Research OrganisationsPDF

Read about the Swedish Research Council’s gender equality work

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Updated: 2017-03-08