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Pre-announcement for Research collaboration China-Sweden: Project grant

The call for applications for Research collaboration – China-Sweden: Project grant opens on 12 april. This is a joint call by the Swedish Research Council and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). The proposal should be made jointly by researchers active in Sweden and China. The deadline for applications is 23 May.

About the call

Type of grant: Joint project grant with 1 project leader in Sweden and 1 project leader in China
Maximum amount to apply for the Swedish applicant: 1 million SEK / year for 3 years
Maximum amount to apply for the Chinese applicant: 1 million CNY / year for 3 years

Call objectives and line of research:

Disease due to environmental impact of life style factors.
The individual’s health is a result of several influencing factors acting either indirectly or directly. The immediate milieu, e.g. working conditions or living conditions may expose the individual to factors that can affect the health. Also more global effects may in the long run affect health, e.g. climate change leading to an increase in exposure to infectious diseases. More direct effects are seen as a result of negative life style factors, such as inadequate physical activity, over-eating, smoking or drug abuse.

Treatment of chronic disease.
Improved health care will result in increasing numbers of patients suffering from chronic diseases. As these patients will require life-long disease management entirely new treatment strategies need to be developed. Efficient drugs with minimal side-effects and new technologies allowing treatment at home will be required as well as training programs maintaining physical and mental functions.

Dates and how to apply

The call opens 12 April at 9:00 AM Swedish time and 16:00 Chinese time

Deadline for applications is 23 May.

The Swedish Project leader will apply in the Swedish Research Councils application system Prismaexternal link, opens in new window and the Chinese Project leader will send in an parallel application to the NSFC in accordance to the guidelines that will be published on the NSFC websiteexternal link, opens in new window.


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Updated: 2017-03-08