News, 2017-03-08

The Swedish Research Council’s recommendations for Horizon 2020 and the next framework programme

The Swedish Research Council has submitted its recommendations to the European Commission for the EU framework programme, both for the final years of the current H2020 and for the next programme. The recommendations have been developed in a process involving the Swedish Research Council’s board, scientific councils, councils, committees as well as researchers and personnel at Swedish higher education institutions.

In its recommendations, the Swedish Research Council places the emphasis on achieving a clearer integration of basic research – which creates prerequisites for new ground-breaking knowledge – throughout the framework programme.

The main features of the Swedish Research Council’s recommendations are the following:

  • Retain the three pillars from Horizon 2020 – Excellence, Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges – but optimise these for increased concordance and synergies for greater impact.
  • Integrate basic research into all parts of the framework programme.
  • Give the ERC a continued strong role and budget.
  • Continue promoting mobility across borders, disciplines and sectors through Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions.
  • Increase the inputs aimed at solving joint societal challenges in line with the Lund Declaration.
  • Continue giving support using suitable instruments to Joint Programming Initiatives, which have an important role in solving societal challenges.
  • Increase investments in infrastructure for construction, implementation and also for operation.
  • Retain grants as the major financing format (not loans).
  • Safeguard cohesion within the EU by designing the framework programmes so that they make it possible for less research-intensive countries and regions to participate without compromising the Excellence criterion.

Read the recommendations from the Swedish Research Council herePDF

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Updated: 2017-03-08