Research funding

Here you will find information about our current calls for proposals, the forms of support that are available, how to apply for grants and funding decisions.

The Swedish Research Council allocates around SEK 6,4 billion in funding for basic research of the highest scientific quality in all areas of research each year. All applications for funding are subject to rigorous quality testing, known as peer review. 

Both those who are early in their research careers and those who are more established may apply for grants from the Swedish Research Council. We have a specific mandate from the government to support young researchers and to encourage research to be renewed. The Swedish Research Council also provides support for research environments, collaborative research and doctoral programmes. 

Almost half of the support goes to projects initiated and conducted by researchers who are active at the country's colleges and universities. The Swedish Research Council is the largest external funder of educational facilities. 

In order to generate favourable conditions for high-quality research, the Swedish Research Council strives for researchers in all research disciplines to have access to research infrastructures in terms of facilities, equipment and databases of the highest quality.

Occasionally, and usually on behalf of the government, the Swedish Research Council implements special initiatives. Examples include support for Linné environments and strategic research fields. Sometimes the Swedish Research Council announces calls for proposals along with other research funders. We are also participating in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 and in several ERA-NETs.

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Updated: 2017-10-30