Grants for Visiting Researchers

This type of grant aims to promote internationalisation of Swedish research in educational sciences. The amount awarded is intended to finance travel and living expenses for a Swedish researcher who is a visiting researcher at a foreign institution, or to host a foreign researcher at a Swedish institution.



Grant applicants are individual researchers at Swedish institutions. They are also project leaders and are responsible for the visit (regardless of whether it concerns an invitation to a foreign researcher, or the applicant´s visit to a foreign institution).
When the application concerns an invitation to a foreign researcher, enter that person´s name as an associate/co-worker. For visits to a foreign university, this field should be left blank.

Required qualifications

You must hold a Swedish doctoral degree, or equivalent foreign degree, awarded no later than the date you submit your application.

Grant period

You may apply for visits that last up to 6 months. The grant may be awarded a maximum of once per person and year. Visits may be scheduled in 2011 or 2012.

Costs and grant amount

The grant award is a standard allowance and reimburses the cost of a round-trip ticket and living expenses.


The grants are normally administered by a Swedish university or higher education institution, or another public organisation in Sweden engaged in research (administrative entity).

The Swedish Research Council requires that a final financial statement report be submitted for every grant. Starting with the 2011 round of applications, we will check to confirm that the project leader has submitted a final financial report from every previous grant received. If a final financial statement report is missing, the current application will be rejected. If you have questions concerning the financial report, please contact your representative of the administrative entity.

Note! This applies to final reports dated 31 March 2011 or earlier.

Employer and terms of employment

Grants for Visiting Researchers require that the applicant be employed by the administrative entity, unless the Swedish Research Council and the administrative entity agree otherwise. By signing Appendix S, the administrative entity´s representative confirms its commitment.

Application content

Your application must contain the following:
  • Summary
  • Popular science description
  • Research programme (Appendix A)
  • CV/scientific qualifications (Appendix B)
  • Signatures (Appendix S)


The summary of the research programme should contain a brief description of:
  • The purpose and objective of visiting researcher´s visit
  • The visit´s significance for the research project/programme
  • The time of the visit.

The text should quickly orient the reader to the purpose and implementation of the research. Write in a style that allows people from other research backgrounds to easily comprehend the information.

Fill in the summary on the form in the application system.

Popular science description

Describe the project in a popular science style so that even those who are unfamiliar with the topic can understand.

The popular science description is an important tool when the Swedish Research Council informs others about the research we finance. If we award funding for your application we have the right to use the description for informational purposes.

Fill in the popular science description on the form in the application system.


Specify the total costs (including both indirect and direct project-related costs) for travel and accommodation.

Fill in the budget information on the form provided in the application system. Note: Use thousand Swedish kronor (SEK 1000s) to indicate the amounts.

Research programme (Appendix A)

Appendix A must present a brief but complete description of the objectives of the visiting researcher´s visit (maximum of three A4 pages, including references). Please note that any pages beyond the number allowed will not be considered in the evaluation.

Purpose and aims. Present the overall purpose and specific goals of the research project (or equivalent).
Project description. Summarise the project´s design.
Motivation. Describe how the visit is relevant to your research.
Personal invitation. Applications for a visiting researcher grant at a foreign university must include a personal invitation from that university.

CV/Scientific qualifications (Appendix B)

You must submit a CV (maximum of two A4 pages) and a list of your publications for the past 8 years. For invitations extended to a foreign researcher, also attach a list of publications by the invited visiting researcher.

Signatures (Appendix S)

Appendix S is generated automatically when you register your application.
Print out Appendix S and sign it. Regarding invited researchers, Appendix S must also be signed by the department head (or equivalent) of the institution where the research will be conducted.

The signatures confirm that:

  • the described research will be allocated space in the institution during the period indicated in the project plan
  • you have reported your side-line occupations and commercial ties, and nothing has emerged that would conflict with good research practice
  • necessary permission and approval have been granted for the planned project, e.g. regarding ethical review.

You must discuss the above points with the representative of the administrative entity or host institution.
Send Appendix S by regular mail to the Swedish Research Council.
Remember! Appendix S, complete with signatures, must be received by the Swedish Research Council not later than 3 working days after the closing date for applications.

You will find the address and closing date for applications in the section, “When and how to apply".

Instructions for applying

Apply electronically via the Swedish Research Council´s application system (VR-Direct) by completing an application form. On each page of the appendixes, enter your name, personal identity number, and appendix designation. Send Appendix S (paper form), complete with signatures, to the Swedish Research Council.
  • You are responsible for the completeness of the application, i.e. that all application forms and appendixes are filled in properly. The Swedish Research Council does not process incomplete applications. Failure to comply with the instructions will be taken into account in the evaluation.
  • We do not accept additional information after the closing date for applications (apart from such information that we expressly request).
  • If funding from another funding body is awarded for the same or similar purpose described in this application, notify the Swedish Research Council as soon as possible.
  • Attach only the material that we expressly request. Other material, e.g. letters of recommendation or offprints will not be evaluated.
  • You may submit only one application for each project and type of grant.
  • Write the appendixes in A4 format, using a 25mm margin and Times New Roman 12 font. When we print out the applications, we use a resolution of 200-300 dpi and possibly greyscale. Hence, you should adapt your images to that standard. Remember that the pdf files must not be password protected.
  • The application form automatically requests the required appendixes.

General terms and conditions for applications

It is important for you to become familiar with the Swedish Research Council´s general terms and conditions regarding grant applications.

Read more about the general terms and conditions for applicants:
Ethical guidelines
Public access
Open access
Commercial interests
Collaborating to construct and phase out databases
Misconduct in research

Evaluation and decisions

Experts evaluate the applications, and the Secretary General of the subject area in question renders the decision.

Information about the decision will be sent to all applicants. During the summer months it could take longer to process the applications. The decision cannot be appealed.

Particular attention will be given the following:

  • Research qualifications and activities of the visiting researcher
  • Significance of the visiting researcher´s visit for the host institution and for Sweden´s educational sciences research community in general
  • Relevance to educational sciences

Addressing conflicts of interest at the Swedish Research Council

When and how to apply

Submit your application electronically via the application system no less than 4 months prior to the visiting researcher´s outbound departure. The closing date for applications is 1 October 2011.

You are responsible for the completeness of your application.

Send Appendix S (paper form), complete with signatures, to the address below. Appendix S must be received by the Swedish Research Council not later than 3 working days after the closing date for applications.

Swedish Research Council
Box 1035
101 38 Stockholm


Questions about application content

Heléne Sundewall, e-mail:, Telephone: 08-546 44 159

Technical questions

If you experience technical problems with VR-Direct, please contact:
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