Our various types of research funding

The Swedish Research Council is the largest external research funding body at Swedish higher education institutions and funds research within all academic fields. In 2015, we distributed around SEK 6.4 billion in funding, primarily to basic research and research infrastructure.

In order to create the best conditions for high-quality research, we are actively working to ensure that researchers in all fields have access to research infrastructure in the form of high-quality facilities, equipment and databases. A large proportion of our funds is directed towards research infrastructure.

The Swedish Research Council rewards research that is of the highest academic quality in national competition. All applications undergo careful quality assessment, known as peer review.

Who can apply?

Both those at the beginning of their research careers and those who are more established can apply for grants from the Swedish Research Council. To apply for a grant you require a PhD, the only exception being research project grants within artistic research. In some cases, organisations can also apply.

A large proportion of our research support is to projects in which researchers themselves have formulated the questions and worked out methods with which to answer them, but we also make strategic investments in selected areas. Sometimes we conduct calls for proposals in conjunction with other research funding bodies in Sweden and other countries.

Various types of funding

We have several different types of research funding with a variety of aims. We conduct calls for proposals within the scope of these types of funding.

Research project funding

Research project funding accounts for the largest proportion and the aim is to support researchers in the implementation of a specific research project in line with the intentions described in the application.

Career support funding

Career support funding aims to assist researchers in their career development and give them opportunities to move about within the research world.

Research environment & Research collaboration funding

The aim of research environment and research collaboration fundings to support a research objective or research field in the long term. This involves support to operations within excellent research environments, networks and research schools or support towards building up such operations. 

Research infrastructure funding

The aim of infrastructure funding is to support the coordination, development, construction and operation of research infrastructure of national interest, including Swedish participation in international research infrastructure of national interest.

Operational grant funding

Operational grant funding is a complement to infrastructure funding and its aim is to contribute to the other supportive structures and mechanisms necessary for research at national or international level.

Updated: 2017-05-15


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