Gender equality strategy

One of the Research Council's remits is to promote gender equality in its field. 

The Swedish Research Council believes that gender equality in research is a quality issue. Quality and innovation benefit of both women and men contributing with expertise and experience. The Swedish Research Council also sees equality in research as a matter of justice; Women and men should have equal opportunities to pursue a career as a researcher. 

The Swedish Research Council conducts regular analyses of gender equality in research funding. Another example of how we work with gender issues is the repeated observations of how the reviewing of applications for research grants are handled, from a gender perspective. These observations are compiled and discussed to provide a basis for improvement. 

The Swedish Research Council and 40 other authorities take part in a governmental developing programme, from 2015 through 2018, with a specific task to implement gender mainstreaming in all activities.


Observations in gender equality in evaluation panels:

Lisbeth Söderqvist, analyst

Implementation of gender mainstreaming:

Carl Jacobsson, senior advisor

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Updated: 2017-05-12