Review panels: Natural and Engineering Sciences

NT-1: Mathematical sciences      

Algebra; Computational mathematics and numerical analysis; Discrete mathematics; Geometry; Mathematical logic; Mathematical analysis; Optimization; Probability theory and statistics; Systems theory; Applied mathematics

NT-2: Computer science               

Computer architecture; Systems engineering; Computer engineering; Interaction Technologies; Human-Computer interaction (Interaction Design); Software engineering; Language technology (Computational linguistics); Information systems; Theoretical computer science

NT-3: Subatomic physics, space physics and astronomy            

Accelerator physics; Astrophysics; Astronomy; Astroparticle physics; Fusion; Cosmology; Mathematical physics; Nuclear physics, Plasma physics; Particle physics; Space physics; Radiation physics (non-medical aspects)

NT-4: Atomic and molecular physics, optics and condensed matter physics  

Atomic and molecular physics; Computational physics; Chemical physics; Cluster physics; Condensed matter physics; Quantum information and quantum optics; Quantum liquids and quantum materials; Macromolecular physics; Optics; Statistical physics; Structural and vibrational physics

NT-5: Analytical, physical and theoretical chemistry                    

Analytical chemistry; Biophysical chemistry; Physical chemistry; Chemometrics; Quantum chemistry; Microfluidics; Molecular simulations; Theoretical chemistry; Surface and colloid chemistry

NT-6: Organic and inorganic chemistry                 

Bioinorganic chemistry; Electrochemistry; Medicinal Chemistry; Solid-state chemistry; Cluster chemistry; Nuclear chemistry; Solution chemistry; Materials chemistry (synthesis aspects); Organometallic Chemistry; Inorganic chemistry; Organic chemistry; Polymer chemistry

NT-7: Geology and geophysics   

Geodesy; Geophysics; Geology; Geotechnical engineering; Glaciology; Quaternary geology; Mineralogy; Physical geography; Palaeoclimatology; Palaeontology and palaeobiology; Petrology; Tectonics

NT-8: Soil, Air and water processes

Geochemistry; Hydrology; Environmental chemistry; Climatology; Soil science; Meteorology and atmospheric science; Oceanography

NT-9: Biochemistry and structural biology          

Biochemistry; Glycobiology; Nucleic Acids Biochemistry; Protein chemistry and enzymology; Molecular biophysics; Structural biology

NT-10: Cell and molecular biology                          

Cell biology; Epigenetics; Functional genomics; Immunology; Molecular biology; Neurobiology and neurochemistry; Proteomics

NT-11: Organism biology               

Bioinformatics; Botanics; Genetics; Microbiology; Systems biology; Toxicology; Developmental biology; Zoology

NT-12: Ecology, systematics and evolution         

Biological systematics; Ecology; Ethology; Evolutionary biology

NT-13: Electronics, electrical engineering, semiconductor physics and photonics

Electrical Measurement Technology and Instrumentation; Electrophysics; Electronics; Electrical Engineering; Power Engineering; Photonics; Semiconductor Physics; Radio engineering

NT-14: Signals and systems          

Computer vision; Communication systems; Control engineering; Robotics; Signal processing

NT-15: Applied physics                   

Biophysics; Low-temperature physics; Magnetism and Spintronics; Mesoscopic physics; Nanoscience and nanotechnology; Sensor technology; Superconductivity; Thin film technology; Surface and colloidal physics

NT-16: Mechanical engineering  

Biomechanics; Energy engineering; Vehicle engineering; Solid mechanics; Mechanics of materials; Rheology; Reactor science; Aerospace engineering; Fluid mechanics and acoustics; Tribology

NT-17: Biotechnology, chemical engineering and environmental engineering

Bioenergy; Biocatalysis and Enzyme technology; Bio-nanotechnology; Bioprocess technology; Catalysis; Chemical process engineering; Chemical engineering; Food chemistry; Food technology; Pharmaceutical biotechnology; Environmental technology; Natural Resources engineering; Paper, pulp and fibre technolog; Separation engineering; Water engineering

NT-18: Materials science               

Manufacturing, surface and joining technology; Ceramics; Composite materials and Composite engineering; Corrosion engineering; Materials Design; Materials Characterisation; Materials chemistry (not synthesis); Materials structure; Metallic materials and metallurgy; Polymers and Polymer Engineering; Thin film materials

NT-19: Biomedical engineering   

Artificial organs; Biomaterials; Bio-optics; Biosensor technology; Physiological Measurement Technology and Modelling; Medical equipment engineering; Medical Image and Signal Processing; Medical biotechnology; Medical ergonomics; Medical informatics; Medical laboratory technology and measurement technology; Medical materials and prosthesis technology; Radiology and image processing; Radiation physics (medical aspects); Speech Technology and Technical Audiology

NT Gast: Tage Erlander Visiting Professorship

Research grants New nuclear technology

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Updated: 2017-11-17