Decision Grants for Distinguished Professors

Decisions on applications within Grants for Distinguished Professors has been taken by the Swedish Research Council.

A total of 126 applications were received, out of these 10 have been approved.

List of approved applications

Grants for Distinguished professors, 2015Excel

NB! Only decision sent to your personal account in Prisma is a guarantee of award having been granted.

What happens next?

In December the decision along with the final statement of the review panel will be available on your personal account in Prisma, it might however take a few days. A message appears in the module Tasks on Prisma's home page. Your final statement can be found under the tab Applications and grants. Choose the page Applications in the left menu. In the list in the center field of the page, click the arrow to the right of the Event log for reading your final statement. Your colleague might receive his or her letter several weeks before you do, or vice-versa.

If your application is granted, a document that describes the terms and conditions of the grant will shortly be published on your Prisma account. This needs to be signed in Prisma by you and the head of department as soon as possible, but no later than within 90 days.

When do I receive my first payment?

The first payment is generally made no earlier than January 2016, and after that payments will be made monthly, given that the grant conditions has been signed. We will make the payments to your university, who will in turn administer the payments to you. 

How was my application evaluated?

Click this link for more information about our evaluation process and our different evaluation panels.


Kenneth Kaartinen (humanities and social science, educational sciences),
email:, telephone: 08-546 44 249

Teresa Ottinger (medicine and health), email:,
telephone: 08-546 44 286

Elisabeth Tehler (natural and engineering sciences),
email:, telephone: 08- 546 44 229

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Updated: 2018-01-15