Decision Indo-Swedish Research Collaboration

The Swedish Research Council and Department of Science & Technology in India has reached a mutual decision regarding the proposals for joint research grants, 2015 call. The program is financed by the Swedish Research Council, Vinnova (the Swedish Innovation Agency), the Swedish Research Council Formas and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) in India. On the 8:th of November the grants awarded were published, see below.

A total of 35 applications was received and out of these, 12 were approved. The total amount for the Swedish part of approved grants awarded was nearly 6,9 million SEK.

Grants awarded, Research collaboration India-SwedenExcel

NB! Only decision sent to the Swedish project leader’s personal account in Prisma is a guarantee of award having been granted.

What happens next?

Decision and final statement in Prisma

During November the decision along with the final statement of the review panel will be available on the Swedish applicant’s personal account in Prisma. A message appears in the module Tasks on Prisma's home page. The final statement from the Swedish committee can be found under the tab Applications and grants. Choose the page Applications in the left menu. In the list in the center field of the page, click the arrow to the right of the Event log for reading your final statement.

Document to be signed

If your application is granted, a document that describes the terms and conditions of the grant will shortly be published on your Prisma account. This needs to be signed in Prisma by you and the head of department as soon as possible, but no later than within 90 days.

The Indian PI will find corresponding information on the webpage of Department of Science and Technology in India.

When do I receive my first payment?

The first payment is made in March 2017 the earliest, and after that payments to the Swedish part will be made monthly, given that the grant conditions has been signed by the Swedish project leaders university. We will make the payments to the Swedish project leaders university, who will in turn administer the payments.


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Updated: 2017-05-30