Decision Research Collaboration China-Sweden: Network grant 2016

The Swedish Research Council and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has reached a mutual decision regarding the proposals for joint research grants 2016. The Swedish Research Council and NSFC takes terms in administrating this programme according to the Lead Agency principle and the 2016 call for network grants is administered by the National Natural Science foundation of China (NSFC). On the 9 of February the grants awarded were published, see below.

A total of 41 applications was received and out of these, 12 were approved. The total amount for the Swedish part of approved grants awarded was SEK 8,4 million.

List of approved applications

Grants awarded, Research collaboration China-Sweden: Network grant 2016Excel

What happens next?

The Swedish project leaders of the granted applications will be contacted by the Swedish Research Council in March and asked to send in information to the Swedish Research Council. The Swedish Research Council will thereafter make a check of the applications and the ones that pass the control will receive funding. This application must also be signed by the official representative of the Swedish administrating organization, confirming the terms and conditions in relation to the Swedish part of the research collaboration.

Since NSFC has administrated the programme for this call no evaluations or decisions will be sent to the applicants from the Swedish Research Council.

When do I receive my first payment?

The first payment is made in April 2017 the earliest, and after that payments will be made monthly, given that the grant conditions has been signed. We will make the payments to your university, who will in turn administer the payments to you.


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Updated: 2017-05-30