Extension of disposal period and other requests

If during your grant period you want to, for example, change administrating organisation, project leader or extend your disposal period, you can do this through Prisma in the form of what is referred to as a ‘request.’

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Change of administrating organisation

Administrating organisation is the Swedish university, higher education institution (HEI) or other public organisation which administers your grants. You should submit a request for change of administrating organisation in good time before the change should take place.

Change of project leader

The project leader is the person who has been appropriated funds for research. If it is no longer possible for the original project leader to lead the project, a new project leader can be appointed. The new project leader should be one of those who participated in the original application for the research grant and should not already have an ongoing project grant.

Extension of disposal period

The Swedish Research Council’s “Notification on decision” states the period for which a grant is paid. Unless stated otherwise in the decision, the grant may be at your disposal during the specified period and for another year, calculated from the last day of the grant period. If the request relates to circumstances outside the control of the project leader/equivalent, which have prevented the project leader/equivalent from performing their research, for example, parental leave or long-term illness, extension of the disposal period may be approved. The request should be submitted by the project leader/equivalent during the last disposal year, before the last disposal date.

Updated: 2017-03-09

Prisma is the application system jointly used by the Swedish Research Council, Formas and Forte.

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