Instruction for reviewers, Clinical Therapy Research

These instructions are designed to assist you in your assignment as reviewer for the Committee for Clinical Therapy Research.

The aim of the Research Environment Grant in Clinical Therapy Research is to lend support to large clinical studies that are justified by the needs of the healthcare sector, and thereby offer important benefits to patients and society within a relatively short time frame.

The instructions describe and contain guidelines on how evaluation, assessment and grading should be performed. They include information on the Swedish Research Council’s general guidelines and on policies specific to the Committee for Clinical Therapy Research. You will also find practical instructions on how to carry out assessment and rating of applications, using the Swedish Research Council’s application and management system Prisma, and on how to write the statements that are sent to applicants. To be well-prepared please read the following instructions carefully as well as the guidelines for our peer review-process and the policy documents regarding conflict-of-interest and gender equality before you start the evaluation.

The peer-reviewing of applications makes up the basis of the Committee’s activities. The goal is to allocate funding to the best high-quality research projects, but also to provide adequate feedback to the applicants. As a member of the Committee’s evaluation panel, you will perform these key tasks. Welcome as a reviewer for the Committee for Clinical Therapy Research!

Jan-Ingvar Jönsson

Secretary General, Medicine and health

Instructions for clinical therapy research 2017PDF

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Updated: 2017-04-27