Instruction for reviewers, Medicine and health

To assist you in your assignment as a reviewer for the Scientific Council for Medicine and Health, we have prepared this Instruction.

It contains instructions and guidelines to help you in the evaluation, assessment and grading processes. These processes are in respect of the applications received by the Swedish Research Council in response to its annual major “call for proposals”. The proposals (applications) relate to the various medicine and health grants announced and provided by the Swedish Research Council. This Instruction also contains information on the Swedish Research Council’s general guidelines and on policies that are specific to the Scientific Council for Medicine and Health. Practical instructions on how to grade applications in our web-based tool (Prisma) are included, as also instructions on formulating the final statements that are sent to applicants. So that you are thoroughly prepared for your work as a reviewer, please meticulously read: these instructions; the attached documents on our peer-review process; and, the Swedish Research Council’s conflict of interest and gender equality policy.

The reviewing of applications forms the basis of the Scientific Council’s operations. Our goals are not only to support research projects of the highest quality, but also to give feedback to the applicants. Your position as a member of one of the Scientific Council’s review panels is an important position of trust.

Welcome to the Scientific Council for Medicine and Health!

Jan-Ingvar Jönsson
Secretary General, Medicine and Health

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Updated: 2017-05-16