Council for Research Infrastructures

The Council for Research Infrastructures works to ensure that the
infrastructure for research of the highest academic quality is developed
and used. The Council advertises and evaluates applications,
participates in international collaboration organisations, and works on
monitoring, assessment and strategic work.


The Council consists of thirteen members, nine of which are researchers representing various academic orientations. The board of the Swedish Research Council appoints the chairman and members of the Council according to proposals supplied by the Research Council's three Scientific Councils and by the funding agencies Forte, Formas and Vinnova who nominate one member each. The term of office is three years with the possibility of an extension for a further three years.

The Council for Research Infrastructures has five evaluation panels which evaluate applications within the respective areas and develop long-term strategies for investment in and the phasing out of infrastructure.

Secretary General

A Secretary General with high scientific expertise is affiliated to each Scientific Council, Council and Committee within the Swedish Research Council. The Secretary General is a member of the Research Council’s management group, has scientific responsibility for the Scientific Council/ Council/ Committee and is employed by the Swedish Research Council for a maximum period of six years. The Secretary General of the Council for Research Infrastructures is Björn Halleröd.

The Council's strategy

The Council for Research Infrastructure is working towards:

  • increased focus on international collaboration concerning infrastructure, especially European
  • national co-ordination of infrastructure
  • development of national nodes or centres to co-ordinate with international infrastructures
  • Sweden to act as host for international infrastructures
  • increased openness in researchers´ use of infrastructural resources and data
  • increased co-ordination between research funding agencies as regards infrastructure
  • protection of the new facilities e-science provides in order to develop the infrastructure, especially in new fields.


The members of the Council for Research Infrastructures

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Updated: 2011-11-16