The Swedish Research Council is responsible for financing national research infrastructures and Sweden's participation in international infrastructures, while the universities are responsible for local infrastructure and equipment.

For an infrastructure to be considered a national infrastructure, it should be freely accessible for researchers within the area and be of national interest, as well as have an independent board with a national perspective and responsibility. There should be a process for prioritising utilisation of the infrastructure, using scientific excellence as the criterion.

There are many infrastructures in Sweden, but to satisfy researchers' needs within all areas, Sweden also has agreements with a large number of international facilities and organisations.

Local equipment is the universities' responsibility

In addition to national infrastructures as well as nodes for Swedish participation in international infrastructures, it is also essential to have local resources at the universities in order to develop techniques and methods that can be used at the infrastructures. Since 2009 the universities have borne this responsibility.


The Council for Research Infrastructures has been designated by the Swedish Research Council's board to be responsible for supporting the construction and utilisation of infrastructure of national interest that enables Swedish research of the highest scientific quality within all subject areas.

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Updated: 2014-07-29