The Swedish Research Council's Guide to Infrastructures

The Swedish Research Council's Guide to Infrastructures is the Swedish roadmap for recommendations on national and international research infrastructures. The Guide forms the basis for discussions concerning the funding of future infrastructure within the Swedish Research Council, as well as in collaboration with other research funding bodies in Sweden and abroad.

Over the course of 2014, the Swedish Research Council carried out a review of the processes involved in the prioritization, funding and organisation of national research infrastructure. As a result, the fourth edition of the guide is limited in terms of proposals for new infrastructure; instead it mainly focuses on concentrating and coordinating existing infrastructures and on defining the roles and principles involved in handling of infrastructure in the future.

The Swedish Research Council's Guide to Infrastructures 2014external link, opens in new window

Appendix to the Swedish Research Council’s guide to Infrastructuresexternal link, opens in new window

The guide can be ordered or downloaded from the Swedish Research Council's publication serviceexternal link, opens in new window, where previous editions can also be found.

Appendix to the national Research Infrastructure roadmap will be published during the autumn 2016

In 2015, The Swedish Research Council conducted an inventory of research infrastructure where higher educational institutions, research funding bodies, public authorities and research groups were invited to submit proposals for new or upgraded infrastructures of national interest. The infrastructures or areas that, after an evaluation process, are found to be of highest relevance, will be included in an appendix to the roadmap "the Research Council's Guide to Infrastructure" which will be published in the autumn 2016.

Besides infrastructures with ongoing operation grants from the Swedish Research Council, it is only the infrastructures included in the guide appendix that may be eligible to apply for grants in the next call, which is to be announced in early 2017

European guide

In parallel with the Swedish Research Council's Guide to Infrastructures, a similar publications has been produced by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). The updated European infrastructure roadmap is to be published early in 2016.

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Updated: 2016-12-19