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In collaboration with the Swedish county councils the Swedish Research Council supports clinical therapy research. The aim of the grant is to lend support to large clinical studies which are justified by the needs of the healthcare sector, and thereby offer important benefits to patients and society.

The research must be clinical and will therefore require access to healthcare infrastructure and resources. From 2016 it is also a requirement to have regional and/or national cooperation in order to be able to apply for grants. The research may include areas such as prevention, diagnostics, treatment, follow-up, implementation, care and rehabilitation.

The aim with clinical therapy research is to optimise existing treatment protocols, medications and medical technologies or to develop and evaluate new ones. Specifically, it may for example, concern evaluating diagnostic techniques, the use of established medicines and to streamline processes and treatment protocols which there is an identified need of. It can also involve treatment methods that do not require medication.

Previously there has been a lack of funding bodies with a clear responsibility for these types of studies. Consequently, the Government has decided, after a suggestion from the Swedish Research Council and VINNOVA, to appoint a committee for Clinical Therapy Research (within the Swedish Research Council). Clinical therapy research initiatives should be done in cooperation with and co-funded by the public health authorities. Consultation will also be done with VINNOVA

In 2016, the committee for Clinical Therapy Research has SEK 150 million (of which the public health authorities contribute with SEK 75 million) at its disposal to fund clinical therapy research.

Here you will find information and links addressing clinical therapy research.

Call for proposals

Scientific Council for Clinical Therapy Research

Scientific Council for Clinical Therapy Research

Research supported

Research awarded by the Swedish Research Council up until December 2014 is available in our Project databaseexternal link, opens in new window

Research projects awarded by the Swedish Research Council from 2015 and forward, will be found in SweCRISexternal link, opens in new window

NOTE! Due to technical problems, decisions after July 1 2015 are not available in SweCRIS, only in separate lists on the Swedish Research Council's website.


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Updated: 2017-05-15