Linnaeus Environments

With its Linnaeus grants the Swedish Research Council provides support for 40 research environments in different research areas. You can read more about the environments here.

The aim of the Linnaeus grants is to enhance support for research of the highest quality that can compete internationally. It also aims to encourage universities and colleges to prioritize research fields and to allocate funding for them.

The amount of the Linnaeus grants is SEK 5-10 million annually for a maximum of ten years.


First Evaluation of the 2008 Linnaeus Grantsexternal link, opens in new windowMid-term evaluation report of the 2006 linnaeus environments and doctoral programmesexternal link, opens in new windowMidterm Evaluation Report of the 2008 Linnaeus Centresexternal link, opens in new window

Descriptions of the environments:

Linnaeus environments allocated in 2008
Linnaeus environments allocated in 2006

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Updated: 2014-09-10