Chalmers University of Technology

SUPRA – A Linnaeus Centre for Bioinspired Supramolecular Function and Design at Chalmers

Granted: 70 MSEK
Contact: Bengt Nordén
Website: SUPRAexternal link, opens in new window

The project will focus on bio-inspired supramolecular systems for studying nanoscale chemical and physical processes of biophysical and technological relevance. The researchers will develop and study, from fundamental, methodological as well as applied angles, systems based on nucleic acids or hosted by lipid membranes, exploiting electronic properties and intermolecular recognition mechanisms, to achieve controlled non-periodic structures with designed functionalities.

Optical spectroscopic methods are developed to gain detailed information about structure, dynamics and electronic properties of the systems and their constituents, but also as basis for development of new supra-molecular functionalities.

Unique competencies at the Chemistry and Physics Departments will be twinned in PhD projects combining the participants´ current research interests.

The Centre will define a long-term strategic platform of generic tools for addressing applied problems: from micro-reactor and enzyme technology, via medicinal and sensor applications, to bottom-up molecular nano-technology, nano-optics and molecular electronics.

One goal of the supra-molecular effort is to bridge the gap between “chemical" (molecules) and “physical" (lithography) dimensions of nano-science. As a result of close collaboration and integration of widely different competencies among us we anticipate true synergism and new insights to be reached of great fundamental as well as applied impact.

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Updated: 2014-05-06