University of Gothenburg

Linnaeus Centre for Marine Evolutionary Biology (CeMEB)

Granted: 77,5 MSEK (Formas 25 MSEK + SRC 52,5 MSEK)
Contact: Kerstin Johannesson, Coordinator
Eva Marie Rödström, Research secretary
Website: CeMEBexternal link, opens in new window

Human activity is contributing to environmental changes at spatial and temporal scales unprecedented in recent history. These changes impose new types of selection pressure on populations and species that will either force them to local or global extinction, or to evolve and adapt. The capacity of organisms and ecosystems to adapt and evolve rapidly is critical to our future reliance on essential ecosystems such as the largely unexplored marine environments.

We here propose an interdisciplinary research programme that will integrate, in a novel constellation, expertise from diverse fields within biology (genetics, genomics, physiology, developmental biology, behavioural and chemical ecology, theoretical biology) to advance our understanding of how environmental changes affect marine populations, species, and ecosystems over time.

We will address issues of fundamental importance for our understanding of how marine organisms adapt to environmental changes over spatial and temporal scales relevant to current processes of global change.

This programme will greatly expand our knowledge and understanding of mechanisms of genetic, epigenetic, and induced adaptation in response to environmental changes.

Finally, we will produce new models with which the effects of large-scale environmental transitions on distribution and survival of marine populations can be evaluated and predicted.

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Updated: 2014-05-06