National Coordination of Clinical Studies

The Swedish Research Council has been mandated a coordinating role as regards clinical studies. In this role the council shall support and develop cooperation between the various resources in Sweden for conducting clinical research to enable their more efficient utilisation.

The aims of the mandate include the following:

  • Readily available information about and effective processes for conducting clinical studies of high quality.
  • Sweden shall be an attractive host country for clinical studies.
  • More patients shall have the opportunity to participate in studies regardless of where in Sweden the studies are conducted.
  • The number of clinical studies shall increase.


Activities include:

  • Forming a national coordination system with a number of regional nodes.
  • Creating and developing a joint national website for information.
  • Acting for more effective regulatory processes in the area.
  • Acting for better national statistics and follow-ups in the area.
  • Marketing Sweden and comprising a point of contact for national and international stakeholders.


Activities are pursued under the name Clinical Studies Sweden, as a collaboration between the Swedish Research Council and Sweden's six health care regions.

The Swedish Research Council's office for clinical studies is responsible for this area and coordinates six regional nodes, one for each health care region. The Swedish Research Council's Committee for Clinical Studies is responsible for overarching strategic decisions and the allocation of the funds the Swedish Research Council has available for this area.

Committee for Clinical Studies

Committee for Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies Sweden

More information about Clinical Studies Sweden can be found at the Swedish Research Council's website

kliniskastudier.seexternal link


Contact the Swedish Research Council about national coordination of clinical studies

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Updated: 2016-03-21