Tage Erlanders gästprofessur 2014 – invigningsföreläsning av John Baras

Vetenskapsrådets ämnesråd för naturvetenskap och teknikvetenskap har utsett professor John S. Baras till 2014 års innehavare av Tage Erlanders gästprofessur inom naturvetenskap och teknik. Hans populärvetenskapliga invigningsföreläsning är öppen för alla och kommer också att livestreamas.


Refreshments (by the entrance from Brinellvägen 6)

15.00 - 15.15

  • Arne Johansson, Vice-President for research, KTH, welcomes the audience and John Baras to this afternoon
  • Lars Kloo, Secretary General for Natural and Engineering Sciences, Swedish Research Council, introduces the Tage Erlander Guest Professorship and the lecturer

Tage Erlander Guest Professorship 2014: Lecture and Award Ceremony

Open lecture by Professor John S. Baras,University of Maryland College Park, USA: "The Next Wonder: Using Models for “Making” Products and Services"

Information Technology advances have enabled creation of complex products and services, with many heterogeneous components and multiple functions capabilities. They have affected all aspects of life and work and have led us into the network era. The systematic design, manufacturing and operation of such complex products and services so as to meet performance specifications is a grand challenge for science and engineering.

In this inauguration lecture,John S. Baras will describe his research in the emerging discipline of Model-Based Systems Engineering that addresses this challenges faced in research and industry. The societal and economic impact of this approach is by some predicted to be greater than that of typography, microelectronic chips, the PC, the Internet. The discussion will concern some of the many applications of Model-Based Systems Engineering, from power grids to health care.

The lecture will also be broadcasted live, please follow the link: http://www.livestream.com/kthlivelänk till annan webbplats

Time for questions and discussion
Moderator is Mikael Skoglund, professor at School of Electrical Engineering, KTH.

Award ceremony

End of programme

The event is free and open to all.


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