Secretaries General

The Swedish Research Council has sex individuals serving in the role of Secretary General. Each one has a high level of scientific expertise, contributing both knowledge and experience to the organisation.

The Secretaries General are part of the Swedish Research Council’s management team and are responsible for initiating, promoting and following up issues in their specific area. The Secretaries General are active researchers and, as a rule, are employed by the Swedish Research Council on a part-time basis for a maximum period of six years.

Each Secretary General is affiliated with one or more of our Scientific Councils, Councils or Committees, with responsibility for managing the cases dealt with there. Artistic research has an associated Scientific Advisor.

Clinical Research

Jonas Oldgren, Secretary General

Educational Sciences

Pernilla Nilsson, Secretary General

Humanities and Social Sciences, Artistic Research

Stefan Svallfors, Secretary General
Maria Hellström Reimer, Scientific Advisor, with special responsibility for Artistic Research

Medicine and Health

Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt, Secretary General

Natural and Engineering Sciences also development research

Mattias Marklund, Secretary General

Research Infrastructures

Lisbeth Olsson, Secretary General



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  1. – for news and communication about research publishes news about research from Swedish universities, research institutes, and research organisations. The Swedish Research Council coordinates the development of, and the editorial team is based at our offices.

  2. New research collaboration with USA on 6G, quantum technology, AI and other areas

    The Swedish Research Council and Vinnova have signed a five year declaration of intent with the US National Science Foundation (NSF), which will facilitate research and innovation collaborations between Sweden and USA.

  3. Agreements completed with four publishers of open access journals

    Last autumn, the Swedish Research Council, Formas, Forte, and Vinnova made a focus decision to fund publishing using publishers that only produce journals with full open access. Agreements have now been entered into with four publishers.