Secretaries General

The Swedish Research Council has five individuals serving in the role of Secretary General. Each one has a high level of scientific expertise, contributing both knowledge and experience to the organisation.

The Secretaries General are part of the Swedish Research Council’s management team and are responsible for initiating, promoting and following up issues in their specific area. The Secretaries General are active researchers and, as a rule, are employed by the Swedish Research Council on a part-time basis for a maximum period of six years.

Each Secretary General is affiliated with one or more of our Scientific Councils, Councils or Committees, with responsibility for managing the cases dealt with there. In addition, there are two Deputy Secretaries General, one for development research and one for medicine and health. Artistic research has an associated Scientific Advisor.

Humanities and Social Sciences, Artistic Research

Stefan Svallfors, Secretary General
Niclas Östlind, Scientific Advisor, with special responsibility for Artistic Research

Development Research‌

Erik Ahlgren, Deputy Secretary General 

Research Infrastructures

Björn Halleröd, Secretary General

Medicine and Health, Clinical Therapy Research and Clinical Studies

Jan-Ingvar Jönsson, Secretary General

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Lars Kloo, Secretary General

Educational Sciences

Jörgen Tholin, Secretary General

PublISHED ON 29 May 2018

UpDATED ON 24 January 2020

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