Open science

Open science is an umbrella concept for a number of different practices that make the scientific process more open and accessible. Research results should be possible to access freely and be used by other researchers and in other parts of society, and the research process should be transparent by making research data accessible. To communicate research with the general public and decision-makers is also important.

The Swedish Research Council’s work in brief

The Swedish Research Council’s goal is to work for continuing development towards open science, in line with the Government’s research policy prioritisations. We do this in various ways:

  • We coordinate, follow up and promote collaboration in the transition to open access to research data. Each year, we publish a report with an overall mapping, analysis and assessment of the national work in this area.
  • We coordinate and promote the Swedish engagement in the European Open Science Cloud, EOSC.
  • As Sweden’s largest governmental research funding body, we also set requirements for researchers awarded grants. The requirements include producing a data management plan and publishing the results so that they become freely accessible. This is known as ‘open access’.
  • We coordinate science communication. We work with a long-term approach to ensure research benefits society, and encourage dialogue and collaboration between researchers and other societal actors.

National guidelines for open science

As from January 2024, there are national guidelines for open science. The guidelines are meant to serve as support and guidance for those entities in Sweden that have an overarching responsibility in the transition to open science.

Read the guidelines on the National Library of Sweden's website (in Swedish) External link.


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