Funding and promoting research

One of the Swedish Research Council's main mandates is to fund and promote research. The major part of the research we fund is basic research.

We fund research in all scientific fields

Much of our research funding goes to projects where researchers themselves have formulated the research questions and developed methods for answering these.

Some of our calls for research projects include a specific thematic focus. Other grants aim to facilitate career development for researchers and increase their mobility within the research community.

Information about all research projects can be found in Swecris

15 new centres of excellence are being built up

The Swedish Research Council is funding 15 centres of excellence as from 2024. These centers will drive innovative research and educational activities around a central theme.

Learn more about the Swedish Research Council’s centers of excellence

We are responsible for six national research programs

The Swedish government has initiated 13 national research programmes. The Swedish Research Council is responsible for six of these. All programmes are broad, ten-year initiatives aimed at coordinating research within a particular area. Each programme gathers those performing the research, those funding the research and stakeholders in society, to work together to improve our ability to manage the societal challenges indicated by the Government.

The programmes support multi-disciplinary research, and shall function as a link to international research collaborations. They are also intended to contribute to increasing the connection to research in higher education.

Formas and the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working life and Welfare are responsible for the other national research programmes. Formas is responsible for climate, sustainable spatial planning, food and oceans, and Water. The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working life and Welfare is responsible for programmes about applied welfare research, mental health research, and working life research.

Logo of the global goals for sustainable development.

Agenda 2030

Research forms an important part of the puzzle to ensure Sweden and the world achieve the global goals for sustainable development set for 2030.

Read about how the Swedish Research Council’s work contributes to the implementation of 2030 Agenda.


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