PublISHED ON 19 November 2019

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24 August 2020
DevRes 2020 – Advancing Sustainable Transformation
Welcome to the conference DevRes 2020 - Advancing Sustainable Transformation.
Event archive
4 March 2020
The National Centre of Excellence Investments Conference
The Swedish Government has invested more than 5 billion SEK in strong research environments, such as Centres of Excellence...
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16 January 2020
New members of the Council for Research Infrastructures
The Swedish Research Council’s Board has appointed five new members of the Council for Research Infrastructures, RFI, for the period 2020–2022...
8 January 2020
Urban Migration
JPI Urban Europe invites transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral communities of researchers and practitioners to create projects that align, synthesise or consolidate already existing knowledge on urban...
News archive
19 December 2019
Team ‘Mission Prescription’ is the winner of Hacking AMR 2019
With an idea that assists doctors to match the right antibiotic with the bacterium that causes an infection in a patient, the Mission Prescription team took home the win.
12 December 2019
Vacancies at the ESRF
The European Synchrotron, the ESRF, is an international research centre based in Grenoble, France.
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