Here you will find press images and logotypes. Our press officer is available during office hours.

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Press officer: Sofia Günther

Press images

You may use our press images for editorial purposes in contexts where the Swedish Research Council and our work are described. If you want to use/publish a press image, please always mention the name of the photographer.

Please contact our press officer for images of the board, the executive management team and contacts within research funding, research policy, administration and communications and public relations.


Please read our rules governing the use of the Swedish Research Council´s logotypes before downloading.

Download logotypesZIP (zip, 2.7 MB)

Rules governing the use of the Swedish Research Council´s logotypes

The Swedish Research Council´s logotypes may be used in cases where:

  • The Swedish Research Council dispatches a print product, or organises a conference or other event, either individually or together with other actors such as universities or other research councils.
  • The media (newspapers, TV or digital media) need to use the logotype as an illustration in connection with a news report or similar.
  • External agencies/printing firms produce products for the Swedish Research Council and need to download the logotype to use it on a print product etc. The logotype shall always be used on the Swedish Research Council's own material.
  • A researcher, researcher group or organisation has been awarded grant funding from several research councils (such as Forte – the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working life and Welfare, Formas – the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning or Vinnova – the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems), and the other bodies have consented to the use of their respective logotypes. In such cases, the Swedish Research Council logotype may also be used to highlight the funding agencies.

The Swedish Research Council´s logotypes may not be used in cases where:

  • The Swedish Research Council is the sole funder of a research project. Researchers who are awarded funding, must however, mention the Swedish Research Council by name when they publish their research results. This is to ensure it will be possible to find the research in different publication databases.
  • The Swedish Research Council has awarded conference grants. The logotype may only be used in cases where the Swedish Research Council is a co-organiser with influence over the conference content. In other cases, the name of the Swedish Research Council may be used.

The graphical placement and use of the logotypes

The placement of the logotype shall always be in line with the graphical profile of the Swedish Research Council.

The logotype is available in four different versions in Swedish and in English, and in black or white.

  • The black logotype shall be used on a white background.
  • If the logotype is mounted on a picture or colour plate, the logotype shall be used in white.
  • There must always be enough space left around the logotype for it to be clearly visible and legible.
  • The logotype must always be reproduced in its entirety. It may not be cut to size, shared or otherwise altered.
  • The logo may never be used together with another name or text.

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