Open access to scientific publications

The Swedish Research Council is driving the development towards open access to scientific publications together with other research funding bodies within and outside Sweden. One of the ways we do this is to establish guidelines for publication with open access for researchers who apply for funding from us.

Why we require open access to scientific publications

  • We think that everybody should have access to research results that are financed via public funds.
  • Research results that can be read for free on the internet also reach researchers outside the specific field.
  • People outside the research community have the opportunity to partake of scientific articles linked to their occupational activities.
  • Research published with open access spreads faster, and the articles are cited more often.


  1. Agreements completed with four publishers of open access journals

    Last autumn, the Swedish Research Council, Formas, Forte, and Vinnova made a focus decision to fund publishing using publishers that only produce journals with full open access. Agreements have now been entered into with four publishers.

  2. Indicators for measuring and following up

    The Swedish Research Council has produced indicators that can be used to follow up and measure the effects of the work on the transition to open access to research data. They can also be used to identify areas where extra efforts are needed.

  3. Making research data accessible and FAIR

    Open access is created within the framework of applicable legislation. To determine whether data are suitable for making accessible, you need to consider several factors. The Swedish Research Council recommends that the research data produced through...