International evaluation of inorganic chemistry, 2008

Twenty-nine scientists and their research supported by the Swedish Research Council (at eight universities) in the field of Inorganic Chemistry are reviewed by an international expert panel. Each review in this report includes an evaluation of the research and recommendations based on the work accomplished over the past five years (2003–07) and the proposed future research.

The expert panel also expresses its international viewpoints on the status of Inorganic Chemistry research in Sweden, the strengths of the research topic and how to enhance its level and internal coherence.
In addition, the panel advises on the balance of research supported by the Swedish Research Council within the various subdisciplines of Inorganic Chemistry. Finally, the panel makes some additional recommendations on research funding to scientists in Sweden, and gives advice on the balance among the various fields of Chemistry.


  1. Quality-based resource allocation – Further developed proposal for a new model
  2. Further developed proposal for quality-based resource allocation

    On 31 May, Formas, Forte, the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova presented a further development of the joint proposal for a model for quality-based resource allocation that they presented in 2021. The proposal is the result of a joint Government m...

  3. High quality research into post-COVID syndrome and COVID-19 vaccines

    High quality and good opportunities to contribute to societal benefits summarise the applications approved within the research initiatives for post-COVID syndrome and follow-up studies of COVID-19 vaccines. In relation to studies of COVID-19 vaccines...