This applies for collaborations with researchers in Russia and Belarus

The Swedish Research Council allows persons applying for a grant from us to collaborate with researchers active in Russia or Belarus within the framework for their application. This is on condition that the researchers active in Russia or Belarus have their own funding, or that their participation is done as an in-kind contribution.

At the same time, you should ensure that contacts and collaborations linked to your project are suitable in relation to national and European political positions. This applies in particular to the security policy aspects within the different scientific fields.

For as long as Sweden’s sanctions remain in place, Swedish administrating organisations – that is, the organisations that receive and administer ongoing research grants – must not transfer grants that we award to Russian or Belarusian governmental organisations either. The Swedish administrating organisation is responsible for ensuring these terms and conditions are complied with.

The assessment of the feasibility of the research projects may be affected by the prevailing situation.

Read more about the Swedish Research Council’s position on collaborations with researchers in Russia



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