PublISHED ON 17 March 2020

UpDATED ON 14 May 2020

Increased capacity for Zoom users

100 000 more users now have access to the e-meeting service Zoom. This makes it easier for higher education institutions, HEIs, in the Nordic countries to hold their meetings and classes remotely.

Nordunet, a collaboration organisation for the HEIs in the Nordic countries, organised the added capacity this last weekend. In total, 120 000 users can now be on Zoom at the same time.

Sunet is the Swedish representative of Nordunet. Sunet is part of the Swedish Research Council, and at the same time a research infrastructure responsible for fulfilling the needs for data communication and IT services of Swedish HEIs.

Read more about Zoom on Sunet’s website (only in Swedish) external link


PUBLISHED ON 17 March 2020

UpDATED ON 14 May 2020

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  1. 33 million SEK to research into coronavirus and COVID-19

    The Swedish Research Council has made its award decision on the call for project grants for research into coronavirus and COVID-19. A total of 23 researchers will share 33 million SEK during 2020.

  2. Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt appointed Secretary General for Medicine and Health

    She is a professor of muscle biology and a great advocate for basic researcher-initiated research. But Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt thinks that one of the most important tasks right now is to consider the ongoing pandemic and its consequences.

  3. Apply for career support for research in basic virology

    Three calls opening on 10 June focus on research into virus and disease conditions caused by viruses. The calls are aimed at researchers at the beginning of their careers. Next year we will issue a call for project grants.