A further 8 million SEK to support clinical studies relating to COVID-19

The six regional nodes within Clinical Studies Sweden will receive an additional 8 million SEK in total, or 1.3 million SEK each, to further expand their abilities to support clinical studies linked to COVID-19.

Earlier this year, the regional nodes within Clinical Studies Sweden received a total of 12 million SEK from the Swedish Research Council. Now they will receive a further 8 million SEK to support clinical studies linked to COVID-19.

The initiative follows from the Swedish Research Council’s mandate to temporarily reinforce the activities within Clinical Studies Sweden to increase the opportunities for clinical researchers in Sweden to conduct clinical studies linked to the disease COVID-19. The funding is part of the 100 million SEK that the Swedish Research Council, in collaboration with Vinnova, has to allocate to research and innovation that can contribute to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and preventing future pandemic outbreaks.

The regional nodes offer various types of support to researchers in their work on clinical studies. Examples include help with study protocols, permit applications, data management and education.

Read more about the nodes on External link.

A map showing the six healthcare regions in the collaboration Clinical Studies Sweden.




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