No new grants in development research

On 22 June, the Government decided that the Swedish Research Council shall not longer fund grants in development research. The decision is valid with immediate effect, but is not retroactive.

The decision means that we will not be funding any new grants in development research in 2023, and that the peer review process for this year’s calls is cancelled. The applications submitted will therefore not be assessed.

The Swedish Research Council has investigated the possibility of transferring the applications for project grants in the area of development research to the preparation within our regular calls (humanities and social sciences, medicine and health and natural sciences and technical sciences), but unfortunately the application processes there have reached such a stage that it is not practically feasible.

Researchers who already have ongoing projects in development research are not affected by this decision, and can continue their research as planned until the end of their grant periods.

“The goal of the calls for project grants in development research has been to strengthen Swedish research of the highest quality with particular relevance to the fight against poverty and for sustainable development in low income countries. In this way, the research has contributed to managing challenges linked to the global sustainability goals. The Swedish Research Council welcomes researchers in development research to apply for funding next year within the framework for our other calls,” says Katarina Bjelke, Director General of the Swedish Research Council.

The Swedish Research Council has been funding grants in development research since 2013, using targeted funds from the Government’s development aid budget.

Read the decision to change in the Swedish Research Council’s appropriation directive (in Swedish) External link.



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