Committee for Sunet

The Committee for Sunet is responsible for issues related to Sunet, such as vision, strategy, operational planning and budget. The Committee has eleven members nominated by the Swedish Research Council, the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions, the Swedish National Union of Students and the National Library of Sweden.

Responsible for strategy, planning and reporting

Committee for Sune

  • responsible for how Sunet will work to collate the needs and requirements of users
  • decides on Sunet’s operational plan, budget and annual report
  • develops and decides on vision and strategy
  • identifies strategic issues and recommends interventions related to Sunet.

The Committee contributes to the bases for the Swedish Research Council’s decisions on fundamental and strategic issues relating to Sunet, and may also, on its own initiative, raise such issues within the Swedish Research Council.

Composition of the Committee

The Committee for Sunet has eleven members that are appointed by the Swedish Research Council. The members are nominated by the Swedish Research Council, the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions, the Swedish National Union of Students and the National Library of Sweden, which represents the cultural institutions that use Sunet.

The Committee has two permanent members from the Swedish Research Council; the Head of Administration (Vice-Chair of the Committee) and the Secretary General of the Council for Research infrastructure, RFI.

The committee is comprised of

  • two vice-chancellors from higher education institutions, one of whom is the chair.
  • two heads of administration from higher education institutions
  • one IT manager from a higher education institution
  • two students
  • one representative from the cultural institutions
Members 2022-2024




Stefan Bengstsson (Chair)


Chalmers University of Technology

Catarina Coquand

University Director

Halmstad University

Ylva Fältholm


University of Gävle

Johan Johansson

IT Director

Information and Communication Technology Forum, ICTF

Jan-Ingvar Jönsson


Linköping University

Göran Lindgren

Representative of the cultural institutions

National Library of Sweden

Henrik Paldán


The Swedish National Union of Students

Susanne Wallmark

University Director

Malmö University



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