PublISHED ON 21 September 2018

UpDATED ON 21 September 2018

The Swedish Research Barometer 2017

The Swedish Research Barometer is a recurrent report aimed at providing an overall description of Swedish research and development (R&D) in international comparison. The emphasis is on research within the Swedish higher education sector.

Research from three perspectives

  • Funding – how much money is spent on research and development?
  • Personnel – what is the composition of research personnel?
  • Research results – how big an impact does the research have?

Do you want to use material from the Swedish Research Barometer in your presentation? Download a PowerPoint presentation of the report indicators.

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Focus on the higher education sector

The Swedish Research Barometer describes the development of research and development (R&D) in Sweden compared with other countries. We first describe the overall Swedish research system, and how Sweden performs as a research nation compared with a selection of other countries. Thereafter we focus on research at Swedish higher education institutions.

Statistics from several sources

The Swedish Research Barometer 2017 gathers together statistics, primarily from Statistics Sweden, the Swedish Higher Education Authority, OECD and the databases e-CORDA and Web of Science. We also base it on our own up-to-date reports and analyses.

So far, we have produced the Swedish Research Barometer for the years 2016 and 2017. The next Research Barometer is planned for 2019, and we plan to publish it every two years thereafter.

The authors of the Swedish Research Barometer 2017

  • Marianne Wikgren
  • Henrik Aldberg
  • Jonas Gurell
  • Marianne Hall
  • Stina Gerdes Barriere
  • Gustav Hansson
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Analysis and evaluation

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Analysis and evaluation


  1. Final evaluation of Linnaeus grants

    In 2019, the final evaluation of the Linnaeus grants will take place. Did the Linnaeus grants produce the desired effect? What have they meant for Swedish research?

  2. Views on the upcoming framework programme – Horizon Europe

    On 7 June, the European Commission presented its proposal for a framework programme for research and innovation for the period 2021–2027, Horizon Europe. How this is designed will be very important to researchers in Sweden, and to the Swedish researc...

  3. International postdoc grant

    Spring call In the 2018 spring call for international postdoc grant the Swedish Research Council approved 41 out of 246 applications. More than 122 million SEK will be allocated over the upcoming three years.

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