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SITES – Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science

National infrastructure coordinating a number of field stations for land-based experimental ecology.

SITES is a distributed research infrastructure that coordinates a number (currently nine) of the country’s field stations for land-based climate, environmental and ecosystem research. The purpose of SITES is to offer researchers at all the higher education institutions and institutes in the country well-functioning and generally accessible infrastructures for field-based research. Together, the stations cover widely differing types of nature and climate zones, from agricultural landscapes, forest land, mountain regions and wetlands, to various types of inland waters.

The actual core activity of the stations is funded by the various principals, such as the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Svartberget, Grimsö, Asa, Lönnstorp and Röbäcksdalen), Stockholm University (Tarfala), Uppsala Uppsala University (Erken) and University of Gothenburg (Skogaryd) and also the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat (Abisko).

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PubliSHED ON 18 October 2018

UpDATED ON 23 November 2018

This infrastructure is funded by the Swedish Research Council.