International evaluation of didactics

Swedish, mathematics and natural science

Within the Swedish Research Council an overall framework for the evaluation of research support was adopted by the Committee for Educational Science (CES) in February 2005.

As areas to be evaluated in 2005, the CES chose didactics in Swedish, mathematics and natural science. In April 2005, a panel of three experts was appointed by the Secretary General, Educational Science, and the result of their work is presented in this book.

The goal of the evaluation should be to shed light on the quality of the research performed and its significance for the scientific field concerned, in a national and an international perspective and in relation to the funding awarded by the CES.


  1. Quality-based resource allocation – Further developed proposal for a new model
  2. Educational sciences

    The Swedish Research Council has decided on the applications to be awarded grants within Educational sciences 2022. Our total grant amount for 2022-2028 is nearly 190 million SEK.

  3. Further developed proposal for quality-based resource allocation

    On 31 May, Formas, Forte, the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova presented a further development of the joint proposal for a model for quality-based resource allocation that they presented in 2021. The proposal is the result of a joint Government m...