Research overviews 2023

During spring and summer, the Swedish Research Council’s scientific councils and committees have produced proposals for research surveys within their various scientific fields. Openness, transparency and solid establishment in the research community are important to us. For this reason, we are offering the option to comment on the reviews.

Documentation for the Swedish Research Council’s strategic work

The research reviews include a description of the current situation and a forecast of developments over the next 5–10 years for each scientific field. They also includes scientific and research policy recommendations for inputs to promote research in Sweden.

The finished research reviews form the basis for the strategic work of the scientific councils and committees. They also form central background material when the Swedish Research Council produces documentation for the Government’s upcoming research policy bill.

Comment on the research reviews

The preliminary research reviews will be published at varying times during August–October 2022. In the time plan below, you can find the dates for when you can comment on each review.

The comments will be used when the scientific councils and committees review the proposed research surveys to produce a final version. We will publish the final versions of the reviews in early 2023.

Time plan

Scientific field

Open for comments

Humanities and social sciences

25 August–7 September

Artistic Research

19 September–7 October

Medicine and health

29 September–12 October

Clinical therapy research

29 September–12 October

Natural and engineering sciences

29 September–12 October

Educational sciences

29 September–12 October

Development research

29 September–12 October




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    During 2022, the Swedish Research Council’s scientific councils and committees will produce research reviews within their respective subject areas. This autumn, we will introduce the option of making comments on the first draft.

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