Closed call

27 March - 08 May 2018

Research environment grant within infection and antibiotics

The purpose of the research environment grant is to create added value through collaboration in larger groupings than in a normal project. The aim of the special initiative within infection and antibiotics is to stimulate larger research projects that may help to tackle the global challenge caused by increased resistance to antibiotics and antiviral medications of pathogenic microbes, and the increased spread of pathogenic microbes among humans and animals. The Swedish Research Council rewards research of the highest scientific quality in national competition.

Type of call

Research environment and collaboration support

Subject area

Medicine and Health


Infection and antibiotics


Individual researcher

Participating researchers

A minimum of two and maximum of five researchers shall be invited to join the application. At least one participating researcher shall be active at a Swedish HEI.

Grant period

6 years

Grant amount

3–5 million SEK per year, including indirect costs

Publication of grant award

No later than the beginning of December 2018

Start of grant period

January 2019

The call has closed, and the text is only available for downloading. Please note that the links in the document are no longer working.