Please note that the opening date for this call has been changed from 16 November to 21 November.

Closed call

21 November - 26 February 2019

Research project grant for international collaboration on quantum technologies (QuantERA)

This grant aims to support international collaboration within quantum technology. Sweden, via the Swedish Research Council, is one of the 24 countries taking part in the Quantera call, which rewards research of the highest scientific quality in international competition.

Support form

Project support


Natural and Engineering Sciences


Quantera: Quantum technology


Individual researcher who is part of a consortium consisting of at least 3 individuals from 3 different participating countries. Only researchers at an administrating organisation approved by the Swedish Research Council may apply.

Grant period

3 years

Grant amount

Minimum 400 000 SEK per year including indirect costs.

Budgetary framework
Total: 630 000 EUR Indicatively, 2–3 projects are expected to be funded.

Call deadline
For the consortium application to QUANTERA: 18 February 2019 (17.00)
For the Swedish project leader’s application in Prisma: 26 February 2019 (14.00)

Publication of grant award

No later than the beginning of November 2019

Start of grant period

January 2020

Call text in full

Application procedure

The application to the Quantera consortium call shall be submitted by the research consortium’s international coordinator.

As project leader representing a Swedish partner in the research consortium, you must submit a corresponding application via the Swedish Research Council’s application system Prisma in parallel with the international coordinator submitting the consortium application. More information on what to do in practical terms is available in the section “How do I apply” below.